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golf-holeA World-Class Golf Experience Awaits

Awarded as one of the Best Golf Courses in America, the Skytop Mountain Golf Club is now the high point for golf in Central Pennsylvania. With five sets of tees, the course accommodates players of all skill levels. Golf facilities include a putting green, spacious grass practice range and dedicated short game area. Today’s Skytop Mountain Golf Club is a quietly elegant retreat where you’ll find plenty of camaraderie, competition, relaxation, and family fun with a level of personal service that is second to none in the area. The course of bentgrass fairways, greens and tees, is suitable for all skill levels. The course design is ideal for the beginner while challenging the more seasoned player.

The Front Nine, Par 36, 3300 yards from the longest tees, is routed along the lower valley floor with five holes bordering the Bald Eagle Creek. During your game, the fairways to your left are separated from the creek by a preserved riparian barrier. The only sound you hear is the moving water. The Back Nine, Par 36, 3600 yards from the longest tees, slowly gaining in elevation up the mountainside, provides magnificent views of the valley and the Allegheny Front. The finishing holes sweep downward displaying the most incredible views that nature can offer.


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Course Tour

  • Hole #1

    Hole #1

    A great way to start your round with a straightforward Par 4. Your 200-yard drive, played toward the left side, will leave you with a wedge shot to the green and you could begin your round with a Par.
  • Hole #2

    Hole #2

    The #1 Handicap Hole, this requires a drive laying up short of the wetlands, 250 yards out from the white tees, and a second shot of 130 yards, will leave you with another 150 yards to the green. Accept the challenge!
  • Hole #3

    Hole #3

    This is a Par 4 with a slight dogleg right. A well-placed drive to the left side of the fairway will give you a clear shot in. Be aware of the small creek that protects the green.
  • Hole #4

    Hole #4

    Skytop Mountain's 4th hole is a short Par 3 with a generous green. Don’t be long on your tee shot and avoid the bunkers short. A beautiful hole worth every shot!
  • Hole #5

    Hole #5

    A scenic Par 5. With a well-placed drive, longer hitters will have no problem clearing the ravine that crosses the fairway 100 yards short of the green. Others may choose to lay up playing a 120 yard shot in. Note the sign to the right of the fairway noting distance to the ravine. Wildlife has the right of way on this fairway!
  • Hole #6

    Hole #6

    The 6th Hole is a downhill Par 3 that measures 130 yards. Take one club off for elevation and avoid missing left. Skytop Mountain's Par 3 collection is amoung the best collection in the state!
  • Hole #7

    Hole #7

    A short and narrow Par 4 with a small green. Crossing the fairway is a section of protected wetlands 15 yards deep. Your 150-yard drive will clear the wetlands and leave you with 120 yards in. Avoid missing left to make this par.
  • Hole #8

    Hole #8

    This is a straightforward Par 4 with a wide fairway. Keep your drive down the right side to end up in the middle of the fairway and you'll have a great chance with your approach shot to be putting for Birdie.
  • Hole #9

    Hole #9

    A challenging Par 4 with a trouble right. A small creek juts halfway across the fairway 215 yards out from the white tees. One strategy is to hit an iron off the tee leaving you short of the creek. About 100 yards remain to the large green which is protected by a deep bunker at the right.
  • Hole #10

    Hole #10

    A short Par 4 with a left to right sloping fairway. Hit your drive 180 yards to clear the fairway bunker, leaving you with a short iron to the green. Be aware of the creek crossing 20 yards in front of the green.
  • Hole #11

    Hole #11

    This is the easiest of the Par 5’s on the course. A slight dogleg right with a right-to-left sloping fairway. A 250-yard drive will leave you with 100 yards to the slightly elevated green, guarded by a bunker in the front. Choose your clubs and shots carefully and you have a good chance at a Birdie.
  • Hole #12

    Hole #12

    This downhill Par 4 is highlighted by a large two-tiered green. Your approach shot could be less than 140 yards but your placement will be critical to your success on this hole. Be on your game!
  • Hole #13

    Hole #13

    This Par 3 is handicapped as the easiest to play on the course. Measuring 145 yards from the white tees, the three bunkers solidly protect the green. Don’t let the handicap rating fool you!
  • Hole #14

    Hole #14

    This is a spectacular Par 4 with a large, elevated landing area. An average-length drive could catch the down-sloping section of the fairway and roll within 20 – 30 yards of the green. However, the perched green will require your accurate approach shot.
  • Hole #15

    Hole #15

    This is our longest hole and a dramatic Par 5. You can choose to lay up in the first landing area in front of the crossing ravine or attempt to clear the ravine at 255 yards. Further on, the fairway is divided by a large bunker–your choice–left, or right, or over?
  • Hole #16

    Hole #16

    Our signature hole here on Skytop Mountain! A spectacular Par 3 measuring 160 yards from the white tee. We claim bragging rights to this being the most scenic hole in Pennsylvania golf. Enjoy!
  • Hole #17

    Hole #17

    This Par 4 with a 170-yard carry to the narrow fairway provides little room to miss. Your approach shot to an elevated green requires an accurate club selection. You're almost home.
  • Hole #18

    Hole #18

    Our finishing hole, a Par 4 with a slight dogleg left. A well-placed tee shot is essential and will set you up for an easier second shot. Take notice of the small creek crossing in front of the green. Avoid that bunker and close your round with a Par.