Golf Leagues

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  • Men's Golf League
  • Ladies Golf League



  • League entry fee is $40 per player. There is an optional Hole in One/Eagle cash pot for an additional $5
  • Weekly play cost for a non-member is $20 includes mandatory cart. All players are required to use carts to keep pace of play.
  • The format will be a combined Match, Stroke and Points system. Choose your partner for the 2-Man team (or one will be assigned) consisting of an “A” and “B” Player determined by handicap. The “A” player on one team will play his match against the “A” Player on opposing team. Each hole in the match is worth 1 point, if you win the hole you score a point, tie you score ½ a point, for a total of 9 points. Even if you have lost the hole, you still must putt out, there will be 3 bonus points awarded for the team with the lowest combined net score. (AB vs AB)
  • Substitute players NOT CURRENTLY ON SUB LIST must register with the League one week before the date of substitution for handicap purposes. If you require a sub, you are responsible for finding your own. Two substitute players may not take the place of any team.
  • 5:30 SHOTGUN - all players must be at their assigned hole and READY TO TEE OFF AT 5:30PM!
  • All league players will be required to be in the GHIN system ($30 fee if not already a GHIN member) USGA Handicap method will apply to all rounds and players must have an established handicap in order to receive one. If not you will play to a 0. Handicap revisions will be on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Strokes for the match will be based off of the low handicap. 100% handicap given
    for stroke play points. Handicaps based off the White tees, for anyone playing another set of tees, adjustments will be made as per USGA method.
  • Upon completion of round please sign and attest scorecards and turn into pro-shop. The pro-shop will post the scores so you DO NOT post Thursday night league scores.
  • If a team or a team member fails to play their match, the match is then forfeited. A forfeit is considered a loss and the opposing team will automatically receive the 3 bonus points for the stroke play and 9 points for the match (AVA or BVB). The team benefiting from the points still must play their match or no points will be awarded.
  • The top 3 teams in each division and the 2 end of season remaining point leaders at the conclusion of regular season will advance to the play-offs. Seeded in a bracket, each week will consist of one round, the championship match played by the final two teams will be the conclusion of Men’s League.

League Rules:

  • All play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf except where modified by league rules:
  • Player is allowed to roll ball in fairway when necessary. No closer to the pin and no more than six inches back
  • Rock Rule- A ball ruled to be “through the green”: If you and your competitor agree that your club has the potential to strike a rock during your stroke, you may tap the ground with a club, feel with your hand or stick the ground with a tee or divot tool, if a rock is present; you may take full relief by lifting and NOT cleaning the ball, you may place the ball in the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.
  • All wooded areas (where forest begins) along both sides of all holes – Treat as Lateral Hazard (red stakes)
  • Stones in Bunkers – Lift, rake and place
  • One Ball Rule NOT in effect.
  • Distance Measuring devices that do NOT measure slope ARE permitted. Ground under repair marked with white paint
  • Point standings will always be posted in the pro-shop and results of matches will be posted night of play.
  • Inclement weather procedure: If the weather is questionable, Players should contact the pro-shop at (814) 692-4249 before traveling to the course. If play is cancelled it is the PLAYERS responsibility to re-schedule the match that was to be played, no later than the following WEDNESDAY. If the match is not played no points will be awarded to either team.

Weather permitting, the ladies league will begin Wednesday, May 13, 2020.

  • EVERY WEDNESDAY (Come out anytime between 4:30PM and 5:30PM)
  • 9 holes of play- $20 which includes cart
  • Free ladies clinic monthly at 5:00PM
  • Fun, no pressure environment
  • A different game each week
  • League dues are $30.00 payable on or before our start date (or the first night you play). Cash only.